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Ease of use for the client, power for the estate agent.

Our customisable real estate database solutions allow you to easily add, remove and alter properties on your website.

· Flexible, easy to use management tools make adding properties, photo galleries and even virtual tours completely painless.
· Simply add the property specs, including price in your choice of currencies, select the pictures you want to display on your website, transfer them to the server, and you’re done.
· Unlimited properties for sale and rent can be added.
· Five page website including cgi email form allowing customers to send email enquiries straight from the site.
· Bulletproof 100% uptime hosting - click here for more details

Spot-On Searches
A fast and accurate search engine ensures the client finds exactly what they’re looking for.

Search Tools
Features include a choice between simple and advanced search interfaces and the option to save a search, bookmark properties for later reference or send a spec page to somebody else via email.

One Click Contact
Once the client has found the property or properties they are interested in, they can contact you with a single click.

how much will it cost to get a web site designed ?
Site Design Cost
Web design: 1500 Euros for 5 page, 3 language site (English, Spanish and German)
Translation: 15 cents per word (Spanish and German)

Domain Cost
25 Euros per year for .com and .net domains, 20 Euros per year for .co.uk domains. Other domain prices available on request.

Database Subscription Cost
One-time setup fee: 250 Euros
Subscription: 75 Euros per month or 750 Euros per year (includes both web and database hosting and support)

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